Elliott Banfield

Illustration and Design

Link: Banfield Print Portfolio

About the Artist

My career in graphics began in the early 1970's, when I was given the opportunity to make drawings for The American Spectator (which was known by a different name back then). Subsequently I moved to New York City, and worked for a time at the printmaking studio run by the late Robert Blackburn. Then, for about 4 years, I made weekly drawings for the New York Times Book Review. After that, I had a similar weekly arrangement with the daily New York Times. And after that, I again had a similar relationship with the Wall St. Journal. My work with these papers ceased around 1996. After a fallow period I became the designer, art director, and staff illlustrator of the Claremont Review of Books, which has been my chief client since 2001. Recently, I've produced a number of designs for stationery sold by Cartier, the jewelry firm.

Over a period of years I developed a Photoshop extension, named Printmaker, that allows the user (a cartoonist, illustrator, or designer) to paint with a large variety of simple patterns, on a Photoshop canvas. My recent work, shown in the album linked to above, was created in Photoshop/Printmaker. For a short demonstration of Printmaker, click here: https://youtu.be/EdUc_JcwaUo

If anyone reading this page is interested in using Printmaker to create artwork, or who might promote it as a commercial product, please contact me.

Elliott Banfield
341 East 10th Street, Apt. 2E
New York, NY

email: banfielde@ymail.com