Elliott Banfield

Illustration and Design

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My employment in graphic art has a long history, starting around 1980. To see what I’ve done over the years, click on the link above. This will take you to a portfolio containing 1000 samples. Unfortunately, these works are not arranged in any particular order: the old and the new are mixed together. So, too, the good and the rotten are mixed. I can’t trust anyone (even myself) with the task of deciding which are which, and what belongs where. No matter. The viewer who can spend a few minutes of his time will be able to find his own way, and perhaps derive some enjoyment from the experience.

Over the years, I've worked for a succession of customers who, for various periods, provided me with steady assignments. First was The American Spectator, then came the NY Times Book Review, The Wall Street Journal, Cartier (the jewelry company), The New York Sun, and (since 2002), The Claremont Review of Books, of which I’m the designer and art director. For those who don’t know about the CRB: it’s a quarterly that covers politics and literature from a classical/traditional point of view. I illustrate the print version of the magazine, and have less involvement with its online version.

Most of my graphic work is in the black and white mode, which, like painting and sculpture, constitutes a distinct genre (often associated with writing and publishing). In my effort to master this difficult medium, Photoshop has been a useful ally. The recent transformation of graphics in all its phases is due to inventions such as these. In an effort to make black and white images that reflect the new technical potential, I’ve developed a Photoshop add-on (named Printmaker) that may be of interest to other artists.

To see a demonstration of Printmaker, visit this link: https://youtu.be/EdUc_JcwaUo

Contact me directly at banfielde@ymail.com

Elliott Banfield
12 October, 2016